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Sea Turtle Watching Tour (Seasonal)

Costa Rica is home to five of the eight species of sea turtle in the world.


On this tour we will show the whole nesting process of three of the species (Leather backs, Pacific Green Turtle and Olive Riley).


Each of these species nest on different beaches and the process to see them differ from one another as it depends on the tides, as well as drive times, so please ask us about it at the time of booking so we can find the best option and time for you.


On all of our tours, you get to see the moment when the turtles come out of the water, to how they build their nest and lay their eggs and with some luck we can find baby turtles hatching which happens late in the season.

 (Available from October through May)

What’s included: Round trip transportation, entrance free, local guide.

Departure Time: Depending on tides

Duration: 3-4 hours

Minimum Pax: 2 pax

What to wear & bring: Tennis shoes or sandals, long pants, flashlight, and bug repellent   

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