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Monteverde One Day

The town of Monteverde is located approximately 4 hours away from Tamarindo and no visit to Costa Rica is complete without visiting this beautiful tropical cloud forest.  


Settled first by Indigenous peoples, later by small numbers of Costa Ricans, and finally by Quakers in the 1950´s, Monteverde has justifiably garnered worldwide attention as a premier destination for naturalist travelers.


Located in the Tilaran Mountain range of Puntarenas Province, the area above the local communities features an unusual type of rain forest protected in a private reserve open to the public.


Known as a cloud forest due to frequent cover by clouds along the upper reaches of this mountain forest, the vegetation is unusually lush and characterized by massive trees covered by small plants including mosses, ferns, bromeliads and orchids. This forest reserve is also the site of much international research on tropical ecosystems.

Walking through this beautiful forest, you get a sense of peace and wonder, it also makes you realize how marvelous nature can be and how extremely sensitive this environment is. This forest is home to the beautiful Quetzal bird which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

The Canopy Tour (Zip Lines) is considered one of the best in the whole country and it will sure deliver plenty of excitement to your day.


Once we are done with zip lining we take a hike through the cloud forest to gives us a chance to observe grandiosity of mother nature through a system of Hanging Bridges that overlooks at the mountains and the forest in its totality, by this time you will have worked up an appetite and lunch will be served thereafter.

After lunch, enjoy a relaxing walk through the butterfly garden where you can see all stages in the life of a butterfly meanwhile they freely fly around you, the most impressive one being the Blue Morpho a species native to Central America.

One of the most impressive visits is the one to the humming bird area where you can get to see hundreds of those very delicate and beautiful birds feeding up close Around 3 pm we will take you to visit a local coffee farm where you will be shown the whole process of making coffee, from growing it to brewing it.

And of course you get to sit down to enjoy a real cup of coffee!

What’s included: A/C Transportation, bilingual guide, Breakfast, Lunch, Hanging Bridges, Zip Lining, Butterfly Farm, Humming birds and Coffee Tour

Departure Time: 6:30 am

Duration: 11 hours

What to wear & bring: comfortable clothes, long pants or cargo shorts, hiking shoes, binoculars, bug repellent,  camera.

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