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The Tamarindo and surrounding areas offers a great variety of activities to do for children of all ages and family activities that will sure keep everyone happy.


These are some of the activities we offer: Surfing, Stand up Paddle, Zip Lining, Snorkeling, Hiking, Snuba diving, Turtle watching, ATV tours, Horseback riding and much more... So come on down and enjoy a beautiful and relaxing vacations with your kids and let the fun begin. 

Los Pumas Rescue Center

It’s an animal rescue center located in Cañas Guanacaste about two hour drive from Tamarindo. It protects over 160 individual animals representative of about 60 species, all of them native to Guanacaste.


The rescue center started as a labor of love pioneered by Lily Hagnauer a woman of Swiss decent, who in the 1960´s was giving an ocelot that was found hurt in the jungle by hunters to care for.


Lilly´s care of the animal was so great that pretty soon other hunters and families, who owned wild animals as pet and couldn´t take of them or were found hurt in the jungle, started to bring them to Lily who thru great effort and using her own resources built the first enclosures of what would later become Los Pumas Rescue Center. Some of the animals that you can see here are: white faced capuccine monkeys, jaguars, ocelots, spider monkeys, margays, scarlet macaws, toucans, pumas, jaguarondi, etc

Price: Contributions as follows: Adults $12 pp, Kid´s 4 to 12yrs $8 pp and students $8 pp


What’s included:  Access to all exhibitions

Hours of Operations: Open Every day 8AM to 5pm.

Duration: At your own pace

What to wear & bring: Comfortable clothing and camera.

Africa Safari Adventure

Africa Safari is giant farm that was turned into a natural adventure center, it offers several activities for people of all ages. It is also home for several species of animals that were brought down from Africa. Among the activities they offer:

  • You can experience a safari ride as if you were in Africa,

  • A two hour hay ride to visit three different waterfalls

  • A canopy (zip line) tour

  •  ATV tour around the savannahs and mountains that surround the Hacienda.

The park features beautiful facilities and attractions, among the animals that you can see here, we have: Ibex, Giraffes, bongos, gemsboks, Nus, 2 kinds of zebras, watusis, nilgais, emu´s, ostrich and camels.


The ranch also features beautiful rivers, waterfalls and the landscapes are breathtaking.


Lunch is included and you can choose 2 activities of the above mentioned. 


What’s included: Roundtrip A/C transportation, bilingual guide, 2 activities at Africa Safari and Costa Rican buffet lunch.

Departure Time: 7:30am

Duration: 8 hours

What to wear & bring: Comfortable shoes, sun block lotion, sunglasses, binoculars, extra change of cloths, towel and swimsuit.


This excursion is locally operated and only a few minutes away from Tamarindo. Maximum driving time is 20 minutes.

Tickle your adrenalin when zipping above the tree tops and enjoy some amazing views of the different types of deciduous and dry tropical forests of the Guanacaste Province.

The Canopy Tour has a duration time of about 2 hours on the cables and consists of several high above the trees platforms and lookout points.


Departure Time: 8:00 am, 11:00 am and 2:30 pm 

Duration: 3.5 hours

What to wear & bring: Comfortable clothes preferably something that comes right above your knees, sunblock lotion and walking shoes.  


La Boya is a small family owned Water Park located 10 mins from Tamarindo. It features a large pool with toboggan and waterslide, as well as a giant splash bucket and labyrinths that makes for a fun day for kids of all ages.


La Boya has a restaurant on the premises where burgers and pizza are served. Although not huge in size it makes for a refreshing time on those hot summer days.


What’s included: Access to all pools and facilities

Hours of Operations: Tuesday thru Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm

Duration: 9 am to 5 pm

What to wear & bring: Comfortable clothes, swimsuit, sunblock lotion and towel.



Babysitting Services

If you need a babysitter while you´re staying with us.


There are several babysitting service companies in town and we will be very happy to put you in contact with them.


Please let us know in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

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